5 must have tech every hosteller should have.

This will definitely help you.

1 - A pair of good Headphones:-

A pair of good ANC headphones or earphones- Hostels can be chaotic at times (it's always chaotic) and having a good pair of ANC headphones is very important. Be it while listening to your favorite playlist or Netflix and Chill, interruptions are annoying and hence a decent pair of ANC headphones or earphones are there to save your day.

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2 - A fluorescent table lamp:-

A fluorescent table lamp - When it's exam season and your sleep cycle doesn't sync with your roommate, table lamps can make a difference. Fluorescent lamps are bright enough for you not to strain your eyes nor too bright to cause irritation to your eyes.

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3 - Speakers :-

Speakers - For your unending pointless sleepless nights where all you do is turn-off lights and play songs at max volume only to wait for the drop so that you can post Instagram stories, a good speaker to have shouldn't be off your priority list. A good speaker that balances the lows and highs, kicks at the right time and loud enough to rock the floor is a blessing.

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4 - Charging hub:-

Charging hub - If you stay in hostel or share an apartment with your friends then you know how important charging hubs are. Be it gaming, group study or sync 'n play charging hubs just make it simpler by keeping you all together in the same room.

Best Buy Link - https://amzn.to/3oQ07xH

5 - Velcro cable ties:-

Velcro cable ties - I know- I know, it sounds lame but trust me it's a "God of small things", the only thing that keeps all your cables, chargers tied up together to make your electronic mess a bit tolerable.

Best Buy Link - https://amzn.to/3pWzxEb

That's all for today, do let me know in comments which of these you already own or would love having.

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