5 Things Every Student must check before buying a New Laptop

You want to buy a new laptop and you need it for your study purpose and stuff, so here are some points which you should always keep in mind before choosing a laptop.

(1) SSD - Technology has changed over time and changed for good. From HDD's we've come to SSD's and today they are a must have if you're buying a laptop. SSD's are faster and more reliable than their predecessors, they can transfer, save and process data at blazing speeds.

(2) A decent processor and Memory - By decent processor I mean a laptop with minimum i5 9th Gen or more. I understand sometimes your budget can be tight but a few bucks more for a decent processor that'll last you for atleast 5 years from now, is a better choice in my eyes. Although a decent processor backed with adequate amount of RAM is very important. I suggest 8 Gb of DDR3 memory is the minimum you should go for. Note: DDR4, 5 are better compared to DDR3 so, yep if you get them in your budget go for them.

(3) Inbuilt webcam - These days laptop manufacturers have started a trend of removing inbuilt webcam and replacing it with external webcams which can be connected through USB cable but the thing is it's not handy at all when you're travelling or comute daily with your laptop, that small peice of technical eye is small enough for you to lose them or get them damaged in your bag pack.

(4) Backlit Keyboard - Small things come together to make your overall experience with your device better and peaceful. A backlit keyboard is not much of a hyped feature but when it comes to over all experience it plays a major role. For you sleepless nights when you're completing your assignments or writing you next blog these backlit keyboards can be your perfect companion.

(5) Graphics Card - I know I know, you must be thinking that you don't play games or do much of editing but then a Graphics Card not only just helps you game or edit high wnd videos but they just enhance your overall experience over a span of various applications and gestures that are built for your native OS.

That's all for today, do let me know in comments if you have anything more you wanna know.

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