9 year old girl found with Throat slit and Sexually abused in Jorabagan, Kolkata

Everyday we hear sexually abused and rape cases from all over the country but do nothing about it. Today one such case has been found in Jorabagan (burra bazar area) of Kolkata. A nine year old girl who went missing on Wednesday, 3rd February was found yesterday, 4th february dead on the stairs that led to terrace of a residential building (9b Baishnab Seth 1st Lane) in Jorabagan, Kolkata.

The nine year old minor girl named Khushi was found naked with throat slit and in a pool of blood. The family filed a report when Khushi went missing on Wednesday to Jorabagan police station but the police did not cooperate well with the parents and did not put any efforts to arrange a search party for the girl. It's harsh consequences was faced by Khushi who was sexually abused and then murdered. Now the whole Police force including the police commissioner has been involved in the case and are trying to find the culprit. Family of minor is accusing the police for their negligence they have lost their daughter.

This is not a normal case of murder. The girl has been so brutally killed and physically assaulted. Parents are finding it tough to feel that the streets are safe for their children. The final consequences have to be borne by girls as the rules and restrictions on them will increase.

It's high time guys we as the youth, as the teens of country especially Kolkata should take stand in this matter and should not be silent. We in teenskagram don't want this to be any other article that you just read and then forget in few hours we want your support so that together we can get justice for Khushi. Our main aim is to make the streets safe for girls again. If a area like burra bazar is no longer safe for us then we teens have to do something about it so that the girls won't have to face any restrictions and the men of the society has to face the punishment for their wrong deeds. Please share your views and forward this article and support us. We will provide you all with further updates on this case.


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