Escape from the reality and jump into a beach. Must visit beaches in Karnataka 2021.

Everyone have different artistic views. Anyone wish to feel the Paradise?. These are beautiful places to fall in love with.

1. Om Beach:

(Gokarna, Karnataka)

The most beautiful beach in Gokarna is the Om beach, without a shadow of doubt. The name has come from the shape of this place which resembles the sacred Hindu symbol (of Om) which one can gauge when this place is viewed from one of the cliffs nearby. The natural beauty of Gokarna beach is the main factor attracting visitors and in that it could be called mini-Goa. It has serene beaches with much lesser crowds. The scenic beauty of the beaches encapsulated by the luscious greenery on one side bordering the western Ghats is a mind-blowing sight to watch for.

The beach is perfect to indulge in parasailing, and other adventure sports to chill the vacation time. Gokarna is covered with banana and coconut trees, precisely the reason for its scenic beauty. Gokarna is known as one of the coolest getaways in India. Those travelling to south India should not miss a visit to Gokarna beach.

2. Kaup Beach:

(Udupi, Karnataka)

Kaup Beach or Kapu as the locals call it is located in Kaup near Udupi district, in Karnataka. Kaup (Kapu in Kannada) is a small village near Udupi and is located just about 40 km away from Mangalore.

Kaup beach is more popular because of the lighthouse located here. Visitors can go up the light house for a small fee and get panoramic view of the sea. This lighthouse was built over a century ago to warn sailors about the rocky coastline. The viewing gallery of the light house offers some amazing panoramic views of the Arabian Sea and the coast of Udupi. Green palm trees lining the never ending beach line make a perfect picture. Views of the sea will make you feel like you are in a paradise, and the waves rolling at your feet has a therapeutic effect here.

3. Pithrody udyavara Beach:

(Udupi, Karnataka)

The beach is untouched and hardly known by people outside of Karnataka and is perfect for relaxing, catching mesmerizing views. Pithrody Udyavara beach is another secluded and picturesque beach in the Udupi taluka.

Unlike other beaches of India, it is very less known and is left untouched by the commercialization. It is a good spot if you just want to relax in solitude. The river forms many islets or ‘Kudrus’ (Island) as known locally around the village. Some of them are inhabited but lack general facilities like water seen.

4.Maravanthe Beach:

(Kundapur, Karnataka)

Maravanthe wears the look of a fairyland. Maravanthe Beach is located 12 km from Kundapur, which is 50 km north of Udupi and 105 km north of Mangalore; and it is a scenic beach that is a must-see for every tourist visiting Karnataka.

Maravanthe is a uniquely positioned beach in Coastal Karnataka with Arabian Sea on one side and Souparnika river on the other. The golden sand, clear blue sky, swaying palm trees, and the endless shore provide an undoubtedly attractive tourist destination. The serene and unspoiled beach is at its best during the sunsets.

5.Panambur Beach:

(Mangalore, Karnataka)

Panambur Beach is one of the most popular beaches in Mangaluru city in coastal Karnataka. The name of the beach has been derived from 'Panam' meaning money and 'ur' meaning place. Known to be one of the safest and well-maintained beaches, it is also famous for its dramatic sunset.

The festivities include boat races, beach sports and sand sculpture contests. Panambur beach has jet ski rides, boating, dolphin viewing, food stalls, besides trained beach lifeguards and patrol vehicles to ensure the safety of the visitors to the beach. Beautiful place with amazing scenery.

Best beaches for photography. Most beautiful beach to visit in Karnataka, India.

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