Government allows Schools to reopen with full attendance in West Bengal: Everything you need to know

Read Carefully:

According to the trusted sources the government of West Bengal, Directorate of school education has issued an circular to the School authority regarding reopening of schools under the guidelines of education department of West Bengal. The circular states that schools are proposed to re-open the academic classes for the students of classes IX to XII.

The circular clearly mentions that the schools can be re-opened from 12th Feb. 2021 for academic classes of 9 to 11. Classed can be held for every day as per the regular school hours in a week. However each class of 9 to 11 may be divided into two or more separate rooms ( Depending upon resources available ) so that students can be adjusted accordingly following the social distancing in as per covid protocol among the students and staff of the school, besides theoretical classes the practical classes of class 9 to 12 may be taken up by the school on opening of schools from 12 Feb, 2021.

Covid Protocol to be strictly followed by Students, Teaching Staff and Non-Teaching Staff too.

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