Holding up too many Things Together - Here's why you should Let go?

'Let it go, let it go, can't hold it hold it back anymore.' - Demi Lovato, Let it go (Movie: Frozen)

And only if I had the ability to put this line in real life. Its weird how things change when it gets real. Its in our head, serene and known, atleast. But outside its opposite to all of these and with deep intensities.

Holding is vital than water but at times we hold on way too longer, in a way too subconscious way.

Excess holding on to things, friendships, relationships or normal thoughts, actually ruins them even more. To stick to things, even when one can see that it is far from being solved and if solved too, it really ain't going to do something good, we should let it go. Unfortunately, either we have a fear to lose things or we have a fear of not putting those efforts but human nature feels more than it should and expresses lesser than they have to.

To be true to what you know and to be aware of your feelings is way too difficult. Sometimes even after being acquainted to truth, we say, 'Maybe, alittle longer.' Well, this sentence is fair enough but not when youcan visibly see the building falling and think, 'Maybe, 'I' can build it again.' No beauty of that building, if it's only you putting the bricks.

Too much of one sided undertsanding actually makes the other one blind to reality. So how you are to know, that things need to be left now.

Your first thought is always said to be true. So using this, listen to your first thought. Well, if that thought is true, it will come for a milisecond but that's where you know what your heart needs. And suppose you let the thing go, what of the post thoughts and feelings? Actually, they are the best. Atleast you will come to know the extent till which you wanted the thing so bad which says that holding on would have been futile and harsh.

But know the other side's story before letting go. Make things simple. If fear and thoughts are ready to shoot let them, you will know the secrets of your unconscious.

It's okay to sometimes fly away, migrate forever. Good luck losing and standing.

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