How is the Farmer's Protest affecting the Teenagers ?

We all know that what is currently going on in our country, 'Farmer Protest' the biggest concern we are having right now. Every day a new headline pops up about the protest, but we ain't aware of how the teenagers and children's are being affected.

In Punjab, the government opened schools for students of classes 9 to 12 last month, but attendance is voluntary and only to seek guidance from teachers. Children at the protest site said that they could travel for the protests because there was no stipulation to attend physical classes.

A class 7 boy one of the protestor said that “Since our learning is mostly happening online, we can be anywhere and continue our studies. Our teachers send study material on WhatsApp that we can revise at any time,”

An Eleven-year-old girl studying in class 6, resident of Mangat village have her exams later this month. She quoted that “I study whenever I get time and now we are camped at Singhu border with my parents and living in a bus. We had been protesting against the farm bills in Punjab as well. But that doesn’t mean we have to miss out on studies. Like all terms, I can score an A+ this term as well.” She also said that she gets her lessons on WhatsApp. The tests are also mostly conducted online.

Teenagers are spending their nights on highways, in tents and on tracker trolleys too. Supporting against the three farm bills and also finding time to revise their lessons, catch up with the syllabus and coordinate with teachers on WhatsApp.

A group of children said that “We can continue our studies and fight for our rights. It's not an either-or situation. I wake up early in the morning, join the protests during the day, and study for a couple of hours at night on our smartphone. Since the Covid-19 crisis struck, we only learned through the online mode, which did not help us a lot. So, we won’t miss out on studies if we are here to protest. Also, how useful will our mark sheet be if we lose our livelihood? This is not just a fight for our elders. Our families will be affected by this and so all of us need to agitate while simultaneously maintaining education as our priority."

One of the protest organizers said that “They have seen in the hardships that their families are facing and understanding what these farm bills would mean for them. The children want to come to protest because they know that their future will be in crisis if they are not here to protect their lands."

As the attendance is not compulsory and as the classes are taking place online so it is possible for the children there to attend the class online but imagine if this online study wasn't a part of our education system then how much it would have affected the youth who are taking place in the protest.

What's your opinion on this? Comment down your views below!

Source - Hindustan Times

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