India - the Democracy of Extremists?

Political intolerance has become the new normal in today’s India. Be it the people in power or in opposition it’s only hate that you have for each other, at all levels.

Perhaps it is time now for the electorate, the followers of political ideologies in this nation to use their grey cells a bit more and not allow ourselves to remain as pawns of vendetta & vested politics, refusing to be righteous, taking sides killing our conscience and sanity only to make way for extreme intolerance and hatred.

In a country that believes in democracy, freedom of rights, expression and social inclusion, the society today stands completely divided into extreme positions, specially when it comes to political ideologies and preferences.

The rift is so deep that we waste no time at all to even blink an eyelid to react and oppose to an opinion as vehemently and aggressively as we can, just because it came from the other school of thought. While one side complains of the other for being intolerant they conveniently forget being guilty of the same themselves.

The mantra today is “my way or the highway.” There is no way that what the other says can be correct even if it is in lines with what I think and believe since it’s come from my political opponents. No matter what the issue is, what the repercussions be, we simply can’t accept what our opposition says or does.

However the seeds of this extremism and intolerance in politics was sown long back when Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose was forced to leave the Congress just because Gandhi didn’t approve his ways even after being democratically elected to lead the party. We only see a magnification of that political intolerance by a man who otherwise projected himself as a messenger of tolerance.

Today, if you praise the Government you are a stooge and spineless, if you oppose you become a traitor to the nation. You simply can’t be righteous any more as a follower of Indian Politics. The most amusing part of it is that though the followers break their head and get into mud slinging at the drop of a hat, the politicians keep changing their hats as per the situation that suits their vested interest the best.

The final nail in the coffin perhaps is polarization of the fourth pillar of our democracy, the Media. The people responsible to bring us news as it is for us to judge and form opinions have completely transformed themselves as opinion makers and forceful influencers. Opinions that suit their employer’s political and business interest. Journalism like all other is just a profession now obligated to dictates of their employer to ensure the pay check is received every month.

It is thus no surprise that the same Congress that nominated Sachin to Rajya Sabha, changed the provisions to adorn him as Bharat Ratna calls him a worthless ‘Chaddhi’ because of one tweet he makes calling for nation’s unity and integrity. The same Lata Mangeshkar who is regarded as incarnation of Maa Saraswati and has been vocal on many a issue irrespective of political colors, is also maligned without any hesitation or restraint whatsoever.

It is also no shock to us that the Government labels one and sundry as traitors and anti nationals, whosoever criticizes any decision that they make. To the extent of being even put behind bars. For they know that we at the ground level will only oblige to such extremist ideas for the intolerance in us has been very meticulously curated for ages to suit their political agenda.

Bottom line is your opinion doesn’t count unless it matches mine. So whatever you say can’t be righteous. It can only be labelled pro or against a lobby and you shall be subject to malicious attacks no matter what.

Time to pause and refuse to remain instruments of politics of division and hatred that has already run deep into our society. Let’s bring some sense and righteousness within us for a more sensible and peaceful India.

The views expressed are solely of the writer and Teenskagram takes no ownership of the views there in.

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