Looking for a hearty breakfast to kick start the day? Five must try roadside breakfast in Kolkata.

A big part of experiencing Kolkata involves indulging in its rich local cuisine. To make sure you don’t miss out on what the city’s kitchens have to offer you, we’ve compiled this list of five local breakfast you should try while in Kolkata.

1. Sharma tea house : This place serves great food including sweets, Poori Sabji, Kachuri etc. Food is excellent and service is prompt. Great taste and moderate prices. Saffron refreshing tea was the best one could get accompanied with a salty snack(nimkee with green chilly).Speciality - Keshar Tea

Outlet: Bhawanipore (opposite gurudwara)

2. Balwant Singh Dhaba : They have a huge range of food starting from snacks, lassi, Indian food and what not! You can stop here for a quick bite outside or go to their dining area and have a full course meal. It offers a great amount of food in affordable prices. Speciality - Doodh Cola.

Outlet : Harish Mukherjee road ( Bhawanipore)

3. Calcutta stock exchange : As earlier said that Calcutta Stock Exchange is the second oldest stock exchange in South Asia, Mainly famous for the breakfast scene is the Kona Dukan which is definitely a blog blaster choice for breakfast for years. They are open from 5 am to satisfy your early morning cravings. Specialty - Different kind of Sandwiches.

Outlet: Dalhousie

4. Arun tea stall: This is a spot where friends can just hangout after college because the Kesaria Tea that they serve is the best . It is so refreshing and so tasty that you will not stop at one cup. Specialty - Club kachori.

Outlet : Shakespeare Sarani

5. Putiram sweets: Perfect sweets one can find anywhere in Kolkata. Specially there's a sweet called 'abaar khabo'. They are selling authentic Bengali sweets and Namkeen. But their specialties are mouth watering Radhaballvi and Cholar Dal.

Outlet: Surya Sen Street, beside Umesh Chandra College.

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