Netaji Travels From Jai Hind to Jai Shri Ram, Shamefully.

Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose remains to be used as a political tool for all political parties irrespective of the colour & flower. The political fraternity of his beloved country continues to let him down.

When the black German Wanderer sedan left his Elgin Road residency in the dark of night on January 16, 1941, little did Netaji know that he is set out to script one of the most daring and intriguing chapters of freedom struggle on this planet.

Son of a profound lawyer, a meritorious student clearing the Civil Services with very strong financial condition Netaji perhaps could have easily chosen to be one of the many around him to go on and become portfolio holders of Independent India. He rather chose a path that none in the country ever could even dared to dream off nor will ever be.

For me the most significant recognition of his conquest for India’s freedom was when the then British Prime Minister Clement Atlee in 1956 confessed it was Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose and not Gandhi that made the British leave India in a haste. From the day Gandhi forced Netaji to resign and be on his own path, it was clear that even Gandhi couldn’t stand to the man’s aura, personality and conviction. The lip services and bogus recognitions that Netaji’s erstwhile colleagues and their successors thereafter have been giving us all these years have only belittled what Netaji had achieved for this nation that we continue to enjoy in the name of freedom.

After 74 years of freedom in his 125th Birth Anniversary we are honouring him with Netaji Express, Parakram Divas, JanaNayak Divas, and oh yes... Jai Shri Ram, I mean seriously? And Yes madam you were in all your rights to protest but to have refused to speak about Netaji on this historic day was nothing short of an insult to the man himself. As you chose to politically capitalise on the opportunity provided that you complained of on the same breath.

On whose thoughts you have framed the 5 year planning commission and what not. The man who perhaps formed world’s first all women combat regiment way before anyone could even think of, the man who wrote a complete administrative manual for you to build a nation that we dreamt and fought for, sacrificing millions of lives over hundred of years has been left to this. Incredible India.

Worst is in all this hustle bustle of leading political parties on the historic day we didn’t even hear a tinkle from the political party that he laid foundation of. Unfortunately they still exist only to remain non-existent and insignificant.

Netaji, the fact remains we have indeed let you down in all shapes and forms, at all fronts. We didn’t even have the guts to recognize the army who fought and practically gave us this freedom. You don’t deserve this humiliation. You don’t deserve this bickering and stooping down low politics. You don’t deserve to be coined and even remotely associated with any of these present day politicians. Actually, you don’t deserve us.

You shall remain the bravest son that this soil has ever produced who not only with his valour but brains did conquer the world and hearts of millions who simply died for you but didn’t deserve this nation in its present form.

I am ashamed. Jai Hind!

The views expressed are solely of the writer and Teenskagram takes no ownership of the views there in.

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