Online Education will be Upgraded with the Rebranding of Google G Suite Education

Google is announcing a lot's of new features for its education-focused products today, including that G Suite for Education is being rebranded to Google Workspace for Education.

The free edition of G Suite for Education is being renamed to Google Workspace for Education Fundamentals and G Suite Enterprise for Education is being renamed to Google Workspace for Education Plus. Therefore If you’re already a G Suite Enterprise for Education customer, you’ll automatically roll over to Google Workspace for Education Plus.


Change in Data Storage Policy : Previously, Google used to offer unlimited storage to qualifying institutions, but starting next year, the company will move schools toward a pooled storage model, offering a baseline of 100TB of pooled storage shared among an institution. The policy will go into effect for all existing Google Workspace for Education customers in July 2022 and will be in place for new customers that sign up in 2022.

New features for Meet and Classroom are on the way too. The new features include:

Mute Everyone : The feature to mute everyone on a call and end a call for everyone attending. This feature will roll out soon and will come to education customers first.

React with Emojis : Now all the Meet users will be able to react with the Emojis. This feature will launch by August for all the Meet users.

Introducing Transcripts : Meeting transcripts, which will be launching for education and enterprise Meet customers later this year.

Integration of Meet and Classroom : Google is integrating Meet and its Google Classroom product more tightly. The students won’t be able to join Meet calls created from Classroom before the teacher does and Meet will be able to restrict meetings to just students and teachers in a class based on a Classroom roster. This features will be launching later this year.

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