Optimism as a Simple Hope

Look ahead!

The flowers are blooming,

Look behind!

The evils are crying.

Here you are, stuck in the middle,

Wouldn't you stand to choose for a while?

How can you be sure,

For the future to be yours?

Sometimes to be optimistic is fairly okay. To be honest. My brain is ill of hearing this word- finds it irritating and very nonchalantly disapproving. It's amazing how optimism is the basis of some people's life. Though for me, it is a book that has been read for thousands of times. Optimism does help at many times and momemts. But we cant forget the fact that our brain's darkness is highly pitched so it cab level down the weak light of optimisim. But I believe light can always find its way out.

Expectations with optimism is like putting black pepper in cake and wishing it will taste good. It's ludicrous. Why can't we atleast once try to put in 'hoping' instead of 'expecting'?

Optimism is good to keep, to embrace, to live for and to die for and not to 'rely on'. You can't be optimistic and think that things will be definetely fine. It will keep you sane, not change your fate. Too much of optimism will bring in a belief that everything has to go fine. Instead you take positivity on your side. For example, you have to do a project on a new topic. Positivity will be that you give confidence to your mind that you will find solutions to do the work, and work till your eyes bleed and then leave to fate. That's positivity! To work and work and leave the results afar in the air.

Optimism will not help you in the long run because if you belive things will be best, you will be blind to other possibilities and quick as a cat it will jump on you.

To be optimistic, is to hope that the tree will grow fine and well but not that it will grow gigantic and serve the whole city. It's beauty is staggering, thoughts conveying optimism are light on brain and heavy on heart. So if you are applying your optimism the right way that is medium intensity, it will not hurt you when things fall. But if even one tear comes to your eyes's surface on seeing the result, dear, you need to upgrade a better and less vigorous version of your optimism. Its a hope, remember.

What's your opinion on this? Comment down your views below!

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