Overthinking- A Curse or a Boon

Overthinking, is beautiful.

It is an immense expansion of possibilities.

A glimpse into how far can our mind take us to, how far it can pinch us. It is serene like the beautiful rose unless we dont see the thorns i.e. till we don't believe in those possibilities. Presumption it believes in and how beautifully it sures our brain that presumption is real, real and awake.

The more we think, the more it grasps us.

Some people have a huger quality to overthink. Like the morning birds that dont stop chirpping till at least 9am, such people's thoughts also keep illusionating them atleast till they sleep. Overthinking and a bad mood makes the day worse and worse as it goes on.

Now overthinking may come 'cause of certain reasons'. It maybe because you have had a bad past and dont want any repitation again, trust issues, in general confused of some decision, anxiety, fear. Anxiety can also be hereditary and hence could increase the chances of overthinking. How to stop overthinking?

Well, if I were to scare you off, overthinking is prominent on a large scale in disorders like OCD or even depression.

But the good thing is normal overthinking is simpler to curb. Its easier to let go.

First is, if you are putting down a lot of absurd possibilities, wait! Give a logical reason of it not being true. Think each one and like René Decartes give a logical reason of it being a disbelief. This process is longer and extreme tiring but it will inturn make your brain love practicality more.

But a huge portion of the clock is questions related to fate like, 'I will not be able to reach that goal' or 'I can't be into that college'. Such question's answers are vague. They cant be really answered. How to stop them?

I know, they keep coming and coming and don't go till you lose your self confidence. So to help yourself out, first calm down. Close your eyes. Think of that scene in the movie where the person is drunk and is so mesmerised that things are spinning around. Feel that feeling. Open your eyes. Thats the power of your absurd, meaningless, proofless thoughts. Actually, you should appreciate that your brain can think so much. Just ask this one question, 'Why?'

Thats it. Your acute overthinking is goes away. Spill out all your anger in that one damn sentence and you are done. Shout at your stupid thoughts. How on earth do the brain get this power to control the home it live in? You will get post thoughts and anxiety but its okay, it can be controlled.

Overthinking all in all, is sweet too. I think because of overthinking only do great writings of fictious stories and real feelings come forth and well, discovery of some scientific equipments is its result itself.

Beautiful, isnt it?

What's your opinion on this? Comment down your views below!

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