Post-Covid scenario what's the safe bet? Jobs or Entrepreneurship?

Since March 2020 India has witnessed a tremendous amount of pay cuts and job losses due to the Covid 19 pandemic with lots of business houses small or big shutting operations. So the question that arises to many is how safe is it to run your business or get employed?

The year 2020 is unprecedented to every single human being breathing today on this planet. Not only it has brought the arrogant humans to their knees but also left very strong messages and lessons to learn. One big lesson amongst many is perhaps no matter how much you plan you simply can’t plan enough. There’s always a chance that you face the unprecedented.

To my mind what we need is to learn to deal with situations that are beyond our control rather than trying to actually control them. The problem that most of us face is we try too much to control things that are simply not within our means. Be it a business or a job, there would always be a certain level of uncertainty that poses a threat at all times and Covid 19 has only exposed that beyond doubt.

The answer lies not in choosing to be an entrepreneur or taking up a job but in your preparedness to be flexible and adapt as per the situation. Never before the importance of being versatile and flexible was realized then these last 9 months. Whether we are running a business of our own or leading a corporate house the most important factor that determines your fate today is your readiness to improvise as per the situation you find yourself in.

If you are an entrepreneur you must have your options open and pick up the hints from the market to latch on to them. You can’t be a fence sitter and wait to judge the market at such times before jumping on to the bandwagon. You have to drive the bandwagon. As a businessman therefore it is very important to create contingency funds no matter how good or bad is your business running at the present. The future is unseen, unexplored and beyond any forecast hence if you have provisions either they help you in such a crisis, or if there are no such exigencies your provisions give you the flexibility and power to expand. This also calls in for a very robust research and development team to continuously explore the right prospects.

For the employed, this scenario is equally challenging. First things first, no job is secured unless the business is. They go hand in hand. The people who wish to not go the entrepreneurial way must therefore most importantly continue to invest in their skill sets and knowledge. The more versatile you are the easier for you to be flexible and the more options you have. Even as an entrepreneur one would be keener to retain a staff you can be utilized in different ways and domains than one particular task. While it is true that certain functions do call for absolute experts but by and large businesses do need multitaskers to run the show. You have to be one such.

Therefore be it the Employer or the Employee your constant quest to gain more knowledge and enhance your skills is what keeps you relevant in the game and determines your fate. Flexibility to take up challenges and overcome the unseen only comes with your ability to change paths and shift gears based on the solid groundwork you continue to do despite the good or bad days.

Last but not the least, to all the above one must add his or her passion. If what you peruse is not your passion but the demand of the time, then you must find a way to convert it into your passion, for that’s what determines your existence.

So be it your ambition to lead a successful team in one of the most renowned Corporate Houses or to form a startup with a dream to convert it into a Fortune 500 company, constant research, enhancing skills sets, provisioning for future, and being passionate in any and everything you do is the way forward.

Not to forget no matter how cliche it may sound with all the above the differentiating factor that shall always remain true is your “hard work”. The more the merrier, it never lets you down.

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