Rajat Mehta explains about the pros and cons of being an influencer.

Rajat Mehta or famous by the name theuncanny_traveller on social media. Travel enthusiast and a foodie Iove's exploring new places and trying out local cuisines.

At every moment of life, We as humans always want to learn and become better versions of ourselves. Before he was an influencer, he was shy and not very comfortable in talking to many people but he loved putting his ideas at bigger stages.

In 2017 when he was walking on the streets of Gothenburg, Sweden he got an opportunity to talk about India and its beautiful traveling locations and diverse food culture to the Swedish people. This moment acted as a spark and motivated him to share his experiences and knowledge with more people. He felt Instagram was a perfect platform for him to start his Influencer Journey.

" It's been a wonderful learning experience wherein I have met amazing people, learned so much about Social Media, Travel, photography, and Food. Most importantly It has made me a better version of myself. I hope to keep learning and helping more and more people with time. " Rajat said to Teenskagram.

Rajat explained about Pros and cons of being an influencer.


  • You meet a lot of different people who help you always learn.

  • You understand how Social media works.

  • Happiness when you help someone with the work you do.

  • You start opening up, think out of the box brainstorm which in-turn helps you become a better person.


  • Competition is huge and it's sometimes frustrating to keep up with the pace.

  • Brands Don't pay on time.

  • You need to always look good, create good content to be consistent which can be exhaustive sometimes.

" There have been multiple special moments, But I think one moment I found very special to me is helping and carrying out initiatives for the betterment of society. I had tied up with an NGO for daily wage workers and through my page, I managed to collect funds to help these personally. The smiles on the faces of those workers were immense and I was very happy I could help them. " Rajat Quoted.

Rajat believes about Being real, being original, and creating content that helps people is something unique about his profile.

Over the years he has been consistent with his posts, the quality has improved and he never forget to thank or appreciate other creators as well.

Advice/ suggestions for the upcoming influencers?

"Don't add fake followers, likes, or comments or be a part of pod groups, it will damage your profile.

Always keep learning and improving yourself. Focus more on creating content rather than the benefits of doing it. Express openly and be genuine, real, and original." Rajat advised.

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