Understanding The Background Of Old Generation Vs New Generation

The people of the Old generations are the people who know a lot of important skills like how to knit or how to vote. They have a lot of stories of their past and things that they have gone through. It’s hard to say that an individual of a young generation can teach an older generation anything. After all, they have just barely gone through life. However, there are things that a younger generation can teach an older one.

Let's take a look at what the old generation person can teach a young generation individual:-

The Morals: There's no doubt that our parents have taught us everything that we know till now, be it whom and how to respect or to be honest. Those are some qualities which we get to learn from our parents and from that only we get to know what is right and what is wrong. These qualities are something which our parents learned from their parents and so on. Therefore we get the point on what's wrong and right from the old generation.

Learning from Experiences: People of the Old generation have an idea of which priorities are important. They are the people who can help us through our financial issues or give us advice about friends. There are few things which people learn as they get old and we are lucky that they can share their wisdom. Older people tend to see the world in a different way or perspective, they know what to cherish, like family or friends.

We are human. The more you know, the more you don’t know. No matter how old you are, you could always learn more, whether it’s technology or a reminder to have an open mind. The younger generations want to help older people by reminding them of the times when they didn’t walk the path of life.

Now let's take a look at what the young generation can teach an old generation:-

Technology: This is the thing in which the younger generations have the most knowledge. With just one click on the screen of the smartphone and you can know anything, you want to. Isn't that so easy? But not for everyone though. Therefore the younger generations should teach the older people how to use it so that it becomes easy for them for paying bills, checking the weather, ordering food, get the news and so much more.

Open Mind: In the previous years there were a lot of things that were not acceptable but with time same-sex marriages, women’s rights, and gender identity are more accepted now than they ever were before. Mental health awareness has taken more leaps in this generation than in the past. To summarize things in the nicest way possible, the young generation is more accepting of the LGBTQI+ community, more aware of mental health and how big an issue is, and more aware of the racial and gender divide and this is something which the older generation people should pay attention too.

It is important to have the morals and beliefs said by our older generation people and with that having the eagerness to explore the technology and being open-minded too. Both of the generations should give attention to the things faced by both the generation and try to understand each other so that there shouldn't be any generation gap or misunderstanding between them.

What's your opinion on this?

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