While Sourav Ganguly recovers it’s time to take our health more seriously.

A complete teetotaler, fitness freak living a well disciplined lifestyle is now recovering from a heart ailment in hospital. Time to pause and take our health more seriously than we often do.

Dada is an eternal fighter and would come out of this sudden health crisis, stronger and healthier than even, there’s absolutely no doubt in my mind. However what is intriguing and alarming is the fact that such a well disciplined person living more than half his life thus far as a professional athlete suffers a cardiac arrest at the age of 48 years.

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As a layman living a normal lifestyle, not as disciplined as Dada, for me it is concerning and frightening to some extent. The importance of healthy and disciplined lifestyle is reinforced but the question is if Dada sufferer the attack inspite of all of this, then how vulnerable am I?

Have been listening to a lot of debates by Doctors on various television channels and reading the same on print and electronic, what essentially emerges to me is the prime importance of investigation. After a certain age, specially 40 years, once must do complete investigation of themselves once in a year no matter how fit or disciplined you have been. With severe medical history in the family it is even more important. The point I understand is no matter how good you feel or look from outside, the organs within you may not bring their ailments to surface unless it’s too severe and by such time it may be a little too late.

While a healthy and disciplined lifestyle is of paramount importance to everyone, a lesson forced upon us in many ways than one by Corvid, Dada’s case emphasizes the massive importance of timely investigations. I understand these days we seldom believe in checkups and investigations considering them to be money making racket by the medical industry however self imposed investigations are a must for us to understand our organs and take timely precautions and interventions if necessary.

The fitness level and disciplined lifestyle of Sourav Ganguly has considerably reduced the damage but we who are far from such a routine may not turn out to be this lucky. Time to wake up and get our acts together.

Last but not the least the stress factor. Yes we all keep advising each other to lead a stress free life but with the responsibilities bestowed upon most it is not practically possible, let’s face it. We thus need to find a way to handle it without affecting our health. Personally I don’t believed Sourav Ganguly’s condition was a result of pressure and stress be it political or non political. He is tuned and absolutely seasoned to handle far from pressure in life, which he has time and again gone through. People putting various speculations must take a break and perhaps themselves visit a doctor immediately. They are at far greater risk than anyone else.

For Dada, we are all praying and have no doubt that he will back to normal life in no time. He is our come back super hero, our fighter, our captain and most importantly our leader. He has many more significant and important battles to lead us to and win. Dadagiri shall continue with more vigor and purpose.

We are waiting for you Dada with our lessons well learnt. Cheers to your grit & determination.

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